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Forget it, Jake: thoughts on the year 2016

Earlier this year, the famous man Giles Coren opined:
My friends, whether you are having a good or a bad 2016 should come down to what you are doing with your life NOT WHAT'S IN THE FUCKING NEWS — Giles Coren (@gilescoren) November 11, 2016 His tweet missed a couple of extremely obvious points - namely, that what you are doing with your life could very well be associated with the fucking news, and that there is such a thing as compassion. His angry response (dig the all-caps and the swearword!) to the genuine anguish that people were expressing soon after the electoral victory of a stupid and dangerous man to the most powerful job in the world is just one of the reasons I, along with so many other people, have reached the end of this year feeling drained. It feels like we now have to contend with two forces, both of which take their emotional, psychological, intellectual toll: the first is that world events seem to have reached a peak of horror lately, and the second is that ther…

2016 Top Tens


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1. Antoine Griezmann, from football

2. Anthony Joshua, from boxing

3. Nassim Si Ahmed, from Marseille (Netflix) 

4. Leonardo Bonucci, from football

5. Paul Hamy, from THE ORNITHOLOGIST

6. Nilbio Torres, from EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT

7. Daniel Goodfellow, from diving

8. Greg Casar, from Austin, TX council